A.R.T. Across the Media

Watch this video describing A.R.T. and the drastic impact on children's lives!

Amy Thieringer is the founder of Allergy Release Technique and has cured over three hundred children of food allergies!

Published Study Comparing A.R.T. to Standard Management of Pediatric Food Allergies

The Dr. Oz Show featured celebrity chef Ming Tsai and his experience with Allergy Release Technique and Amy Thieringer.

A published article chronicling families' experiences with A.R.T. and overcoming food allergies.

The Other Side of Impossible by Susannah Meadows chronicles her son's tremendous success and experience with A.R.T.    

The Oprah Magazine highlights founder Amy Thieringer in this article and the A.R.T. process re-introducing foods back. 

An article following The Other Side Of Impossible summarizes Meadow's encounter with Amy and A.R.T. 

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