Nicole Gali Strope, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist & Reiki Master


Elizabeth Stults, LPC,
Licensed Mental Health Therapist,
A.R.T.® Practitioner & Reiki Master



Nicole Masso,
A.R.T.® Practitioner & Reiki Master




Nicole has been practicing psychotherapy for 20 years. She provides a warm, safe space for her clients.  Nicole is passionate about guiding her clients to step into their personal power. Helping her clients identify blockages and introduce new perspectives allows them to show up in life, for themselves and in their relationships. Through this transformation clients achieve self-compassion and peace.  


Nicole’s experiences with her yoga practice, meditation, reiki and acupuncture contributed to her own support and healing.  This inspired her to become a Certified Reiki Master and train in Allergy Release Technique (A.R.T.) Practitioner.  She utilizes these techniques depending on what serves her clients best. 


Dr. Nicole Gali Strope is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She received her doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and completed post-graduate training from the NYU Psychoanalytic Institute in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  She has always aspired to build a space in her community where people could come, feel supported and receive a variety of healing services. She is so thrilled to have opened Integrative Healing with Elizabeth and Nicole. 

Elizabeth is a licensed mental health therapist, with over 15 years experience working with individuals to improve their emotional well-being. Her areas of expertise include anxiety, grief and depression (including postpartum). 

Elizabeth’s daughter was born with multiple severe food allergies. Feeling both terrified for her daughter’s safety and defeated by the lack of treatment options, Elizabeth was determined to find a way to help. After much research, she landed on a highly effective functional health protocol: Allergy Release Technique (A.R.T.®). Seeing her daughter cured of her anaphylactic food allergies one by one motivated Elizabeth to incorporate A.R.T.® into her own practice. 


Elizabeth's exposure to A.R.T.® as a parent and practitioner has only furthered her belief in the power of a holistic approach to health and healing. She works by combining her training in Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki and A.R.T.® and customizes her approach to best meet the needs of her clients.  Elizabeth strives to create a comfortable, open and safe environment in which clients learn, grow and heal.   


Elizabeth graduated with a B.S. in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and received her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from New York University.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of New Jersey and a Certified Reiki Master.  

Nicole Masso is an A.R.T. ® Practitioner, focusing on clients with immune conditions and sensitivities.


In 2014, her daughter developed a mild case of eczema that morphed into a very problematic issue.  Dermatologists and allergists were unable to help with the condition, instead prescribing a steroid cream and reassuring Nicole that her daughter would eventually “grow out of it”.  Refusing to accept this answer, Nicole began researching alternative treatments and discovered A.R.T., Allergy Release Technique®.  Her daughter completed the program and is now eczema free, living fully and eating freely. 


Nicole’s personal experience with A.R.T., Allergy Release Technique® fueled her desire to train with Amy Thieringer.   Nicole is passionate about helping others lead full, healthy lives and she is both humbled and grateful to practice this life-changing work. 

Connie Viglietti uses her creativity and power of presence to create sacred space from which transformation and growth inspire all who work with her. 


Connie serves as a yoga and meditation teacher (E-RYT 500 in hatha and pre/postnatal yoga), an intuitive healer (Reiki Master), a wellness coach (HHC), birth doula (DONA) and actress. She is the co-founder of Emaya and the Back to HER™ online program which guides women back to their purpose and voice using community, yoga, meditation and coaching.


Helping people become aware of the beauty and depth in their lives is what thrills her journey. Learn more about Connie's offering and sign up for a session here.

Connie Viglietti,
Reiki Master, Wellness Coach & Doula

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Bonnie Berke,
Functional Health & Nutrition Coach,
Reiki Master, Massage & Shiatsu Therapist

Bonnie believes that everyone should feel strong and healthy at all stages of their lives.  She's been practicing as a  board-certified nutritional health and lifestyle coach in Montclair since 1995.  She has worked with a wide range of clients to identify areas of imbalance that may be compromising their health and happiness. 


Her mission is to help men and women restore their best healthy state by guiding them to connect with the inherent wisdom of their bodies, using functional health practices and revolutionary wellness technologies. By understanding each client’s unique needs, she develops a personalized plan that rebalances their body, mind and emotions.


Bonnie helps with issues that include changing your relationship with food, managing stress, toxins and trauma, addressing nutritional deficiencies and sleep hygiene.  Ultimately, she helps create a healthy life balance to get well and stay well.

DISCLAIMER: Nicole Masso,  Nicole Gali Strope, PsyD, and Elizabeth Stults, LPC are the Directors of Integrative Healing Montclair, LLC, which offers alternative healing services in such fields as A.R.T., Reiki, and Functional Wellness.  Dr. Strope is also a licensed psychologist and Elizabeth is a Licensed Professional Counselor, but they do not practice psychotherapy at Integrative Healing Montclair, LLC, which is a separately operated business. Individuals who wish to receive services from Integrative Healing Montclair, LLC,  acknowledge that they are not being provided psychological or mental health services, and if they have psychological problems, they will reach out to a licensed mental health practitioner elsewhere for treatment.